When I created Wealth and Impact Bootcamp, I set out to create a community of powerful global influencers. I wanted to have a place to be able to share my specialized knowledge as well as learn from other heart-centered leaders. That aim has opened the doors to brilliant minds like Daniel Burrus. 

This training helps you to “future” your offers and value in the marketplace. I’m excited to be partnering with Dan to make this available to you. 

If you’ve been following me, you know that I’m on a mission to uplift humanity. The only way to do that is to lead from the future and bring the future present. How do you focus your thinking to make what seems impossible a possibility? You ask the questions and make inquiries into what actions will make the biggest difference for your goals, your offers, and your life. Dan, through this training, is the guide for us to grow and expand our thinking and plan the actions that make an impact. 

-Marcus “Bellringer Bell
(Best-Selling Author, Hit Songwriter, Award-Winning Music Producer)

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Opportunity Hour: 
Conversation with the Masters
Profit From Disruptive Change Now!
The Anticipatory Leader Membership is a results-driven online experience that will quickly help you and your team master the art of anticipatory thinking. 
The Fastest Way To Learn Anticipation
The Anticipatory Leader System is an online experience that will quickly help you and your team master the art of anticipatory thinking. 
What's Included in the Membership
The Anticipatory Leader System
28 cutting-edge video lessons by Daniel Burrus. Each video is 3-5 minutes long and focuses on a single Anticipatory concept. Our Rapid Application exercises help you put each concept into action immediately!
Live Access to Daniel Burrus Each Month
Join Daniel Burrus as he leads "Opportunity Hour: Conversations with the Masters" each month. Learn from the hottest Subject Matter Experts and walk away with action steps you can immediately implement.    
Anticipatory Leader Certification
Certification provides proof of a serious competitive advantage that even seasoned business leaders lack. This is a powerful tool for leaders, emerging leaders, managers, planners and sales teams.

What Our Members Are Saying:

The Anticipatory Model brings new creative ideas that make us more valuable to our clients. It has been a game changer for our firm.

— Joey Havens, Executive Partner, HORNE LLP
Exclusive Access to Daniel Burrus LIVE Each Month  
Daniel Burrus' Live Webinar Series: Anticipatory Leader System
The only way you can participate in 
"Opportunity Hour: Conversations with The Masters" with LIVE Q&A 
is to join The Anticipatory Leader Membership! 

Master: Daniel Burrus

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"BridgeThe Gap, 
Grow Your Business."

Master: Ford Saeks

These member gatherings with live access to Daniel Burrus are worth thousands when compared 
against Daniel's private consulting fees. Here are just a few of the upcoming discussion topics:
  • Create an Amazing Customer Service Experience 
  • Bridge The Gap, Grow Your Business
  • Future-Proof Your Business
  • ​Spark Next Level Leadership
  • ​Developing a Distinctive Culture
  • Profit-Growth Essentials
  • ​The Trust Edge: Drive Business Results through Trust
  • Turn Your Customers Into Your Ultimate Sales and Marketing Advantage
  • ​​If I wanted to Buy What You Sell, Would I Buy It from You?
Results-Based Anticipatory Learning System
There are four learning modules that contain 28 individual lessons in The Anticipatory Leader Learning System. Each lesson starts with a short, single-concept video followed by a rapid application activity designed to deliver results. The sooner a lesson is applied to everyday activities, the more it becomes a part of the learner’s everyday mindset. 
Easy To Use, Easy To Understand And Apply
You'll be amazed how intuitive our membership platform feels. Our members have found that they get results fast, often way before finishing all of the lessons.
• The Hard Trends Industry Report

• Top 25 Technology Hard Trends Report

• Know What's Next Magazine (5 issues)

• TechnoTrends Newsletter (Monthly Subscription)

A Message From Daniel Burrus
Right now, you have a choice to make. 

You can react to problems and disruptions to your life, your career, and your organization after they happen, or you can tap into this unique learning system that will empower you with the ability to accurately foresee disruptive change and game-changing opportunities and utilize it to actively shape your future and lead your team and your company to greater success and competitive advantage.

If you’re truly committed to taking control of your future and making a significant impact now and in the years ahead, tap into the proven wisdom, insights, and processes of the Anticipatory Leader Membership and discover the advantage that will allow you to actively shape a better future for your organization, your team, and yourself!
  Our Guarantee To You
We're very happy to report that our Anticipatory Leaders find so much on-going value that they continue to learn, attend free events and stay active members. If however, you discover it's not what you were looking for, you can cancel anytime—no questions asked.
Daniel Burrus’ Anticipatory Leader learning system is one of the best courses I’ve ever taken. It provides you with a framework in which to identify the Hard Trends and Soft Trends that will impact your industry. 

— Gerald J. Leonard, Principles of Execution, LLC
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  • 28 Anticipatory Video Lessons with Rapid Applications
  • (New!) Live Monthly Training with Daniel Burrus
  • Anticipatory Leader Certification 
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  • 28 Anticipatory Video Lessons with Rapid Applications
  • (New!) Live Monthly Training with Daniel Burrus
  • Anticipatory Leader Certification 
  • * * * 


Top Questions From Customers
I Want To Offer This Membership To My Company. Do You Offer Group Licenses?
Yes, we do offer group subscriptions to The Anticipatory Organization Business Edition which is similar to The Anticipatory Leader in its structure. We have a tiered pricing plan that is available for organizations or departments of all sizes.

For group pricing, contact AOLearning@burrus.com or call 1-262-367-0949 for more information.

How Is The Learning System Structured?
There are four learning modules that contain a total of 28 video lessons. Each lesson starts with a short, single-concept video followed by a rapid application activity designed to deliver results. The sooner a lesson is applied to everyday activities, the more it becomes a part of the learner’s everyday mindset. After each 3-5 minute single-concept video, the learners apply what they have learned to the work they do, regardless of their position title.

How Quickly Will I See Results?
Benefits will be seen immediately, because you can apply each lesson to the work you do. You don’t have to wait to finish the course to get the results you're looking for. We recommend that you start from the beginning and move through each lesson in order or you can start with any lesson in the training.

What Kind of Results Will I See?
A direct result of learning to be anticipatory is that it helps you to identify future facts that gives you certainty in a seemingly uncertain world and that give you the confidence to make bold moves. It also fosters two key areas of innovation: Everyday Innovation–where individuals learn to predict and pre-solve problems with inventive solutions, and Exponential Innovation–where individuals and teams learn to turn predictable disruption into game-changing advantages.

How Can I Develop An Anticipatory Mindset?
We are teaching a new competency, the ability to Anticipate, which elevates decisions and accelerates results. We have post-learning tools that can be used to apply and magnify the impact of the principles long after you have completed the lessons. And participate in Daniel Burrus' monthly "Opportunity Hour: Conversations with the Master" where you can ask Daniel anything you want about business and more.

How Is This Training Different Than Other Online Courses?
We examined other best in class training systems from both large and small companies so that we could get a baseline to develop our next-generation Anticipatory Organization Learning System. Unlike the vast majority of online learning systems that teach only in the lower levels of Bloom's Taxonomy of the Cognitive Domain (remembering and understanding), our lessons have the learner use all of the higher levels which include applying, analyzing, evaluating, and creating. It’s being used by innovative leaders from Fortune 500, mid-size and small companies world-wide, silicone valley entrepreneurs, and leaders from all of the branches of the Department of Defense. Why? Because it works! 
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